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As an Electronics Engineer Officer Submariner you will be one of the Navy’s electrical, electronics and combat systems engineering experts. You will also be responsible for submarines’ communications, radar, sonar, navigation, combat data, fire control and weapons systems. While at sea you will be the engineering authority on board the submarine and responsible for the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the submarine’s diverse combat and self-defence capabilities. In shore based positions you will perform duties in support of the fleet including system specification, acquisition and through-life support, system certification, combat system trials and the training and management of sailors and officers. Submarines and combat systems are constantly being upgraded and improved. As an Electronics Engineer Officer Submariner, you will be involved in monitoring system performance and failure, developing and evaluating proposed modifications and repair schemes, and supervising and evaluating equipment trials. To assist in those tasks you will have access to both government and private support organisations where you will work closely with military, defence civilian, other public service and contractors personnel on a day-to-day basis. This may involve working outside the Navy program in the Defence Materiel Organisation or even placed within contractor organisations. Electronics Engineer Officer Submariners are heavily involved with resource management, assigning and scheduling personnel, assets, equipment and finances to the task at hand. Ashore, you could be responsible for the provision of financial estimates or the progression of technical works requirements or maintenance programs. As the Navy regularly introduces new ships and electronic systems, life as an Electronics Engineer Officer Submariner is constantly challenging and changing. To help you meet these new challenges, Navy provides many internal courses as well as offering the chance of postgraduate training at external institutions throughout your employment. All junior officers onboard RAN vessels will be required to keep Officer of the Day (OOD) duties. The OOD is the Commanding Officers (CO) representative for a 24 hour period and is directly responsible to the CO for the safety and security of the Ship and personnel onboard. In addition to their normal duties, all Naval Officers will be designated as Divisional Officers throughout their career. This involves the leadership, management, administration and career advice to junior sailors and officers within their Division which may involve up to fifty junior sailors and officers.


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